Each episode you'll find some recommendations of websites and podcasts that you might enjoy.  There's all sorts of stuff, not just Christmas Podcasts.  Here's a list of the ones we've covered:


Totally Rad Christmas

Gerry Davila presents this great podcast talking about all things Christmas from the most bodacious decade, the 1980s.


Santa By The Minute

John and Bin discuss one of the greatest Christmas films of all time one minute at a time.


Tis The Podcast

Every week your hosts, Thom, Julia and Anthony, discuss a different Christmas movie, special or TV episode.

Christmas Podcasts.jpg

The Christmas Podcasts Podcast

Hosted by Sean, this great website has all the best festive podcasts in one place.  It also has its own podcast with reviews, interviews and updates.


Christmas Past

This great Christmas podcast explains the history of all the wonderful traditions we enjoy at Christmas.  Hosted by Brian Earl, it is full of interesting interviews and stories.  Plus the website is pretty good with videos and quizes

Jingle Jank.jpg

Jingle Jank

Hosted by our US correspondent, Scott Newman, this fun Christmas podcast looks at some off beat Christmas songs that you probably aren't familiar with.



This fantastic website gives you the chance to listen to hundreds of audiobooks that are in the public domain, and what's more... it's FREE!


Christmas Clatter

Hosted by Todd Killian, this podcast covers all things to do with Christmas.  Todd has a great laid back voice that gives this podcast a real cosy festive feel.


Free To A Good Home

Each Episode Ben Jenkins and Michael Hing trawl through the classified ads and find some stuff to talk about.


Answer Me This

Helen, Olly and Martin the Soundman answer your questions.

Can't Wait For Christmas.jpg

Can't Wait For Christmas

A podcast dedicated to keeping the spirit of Christmas alive all year round. Hosted by stand-up comedian  Tim Babb.


Tinsel Tunes

Tinsel Tunes podcast goes into great detail about Christmas music. Full of fun and interesting facts, it will get you into the Christmas Spirit. ​ ​Hear about your favorite classics or modern songs.  Hosted by Duane Bailey.


sunnyskyz.com & goodnewsnetwork.org

2 great websites that only deal with good news.  A great way to start your day with a jolt of positivity.



Since 2006, the weekly Skeptoid podcast has been taking on all the most popular myths and revealing the true science, true history, and true lessons we can learn from each.   This multi-award winning podcast is hosted by Brian Dunning.