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Here at The Total Christmas Podcast we like to mix things up and every week we'll be doing different stuff.  Here are some of the segments you'll find in the show.

If you want to get involved use the contact form at the bottom of the page and let us know your suggestions for future episodes.

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The Perfect Gift

We all know how tricky it can be to find the ideal gift for your loved ones, so in the lead up to Christmas, each episode we recommend a fantastic gift.  You'd can't go wrong.


Robin Sings

This is the part of the show where my young daughter Robin gets involved.

If we're lucky it starts with a short interview where Robin, the Christmas expert, teaches us a bit more about the season and then delights us all with her glorious singing voice belting out a Christmas classic.


A Christmas Carol

There have been 3.8 million different versions of the classic Dickens tale of A Christmas Carol (probably).  Each episode we look at a different version.  We discuss how closely it sticks to the original story, what's good and what's bad about it and most importantly will the boy down in the street cry 'WALKER!'


Your Christmas Shame

We've all done things we're not proud of, and at Christmas time when the mulled wine is flowing we all have our stories of shame.  What better way to release that shame than sharing it with all the other listeners. 

These stories are of the little (or big) things we wish we'd never done at this festive time of year.


A Very Muppet Christmas

Here we look at all the Christmas specials featuring Jim Henson's wonderful creations.  Not just The Muppets, but Fraggle Rock, Sesame Street and even The Bear in the Big Blue House.


Christmas All Over The World

For me Christmas is turkey, Christmas pudding, a tree, hanging up a stocking and getting trashed, but in different parts of the world they celebrate the season in many different ways.  Maybe you'd like to share some of the traditions from your part of the world.


Not So Christmas Classics

There are so many Christmas classic songs that everyone knows and loves, but for every smash hit there are plenty of Christmas tunes that never made it.  They're long forgotten, sitting in a corner somewhere, probably crying.  Well cry no more as we shed some light on the forgotten Christmas flops.


My Worst Christmas Present Ever

Sadly not all the presents we receive each year are quite what we wanted.  This section is for everyone to share the weird but not wonderful gifts that have ruined an otherwise perfect Christmas.


Santa Claus is NOT Coming To Town

In this segment we share our stories of that fateful day when we learnt that Santa isn't a jolly fat man that lives in the North Pole he's your parents, slightly tipsy on Christmas eve trying not to wake you by stumbling over the toys you've strewn all over your bedroom floor.

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